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Typ Säljes
Kategori Personlig utrustning
Ägare Lennart B
Text Ny REVO SUIT skyltexemplar och solblekt, nedsatt pris till 3000 kr
Storlek 52

The Revo is a lightweight racing suit that features 3-layer premium fabric for fire protection. The slim cut of the suit translates to effortless comfort behind the wheel of the racecar and built-in features that can help to regulate body temperature and the associated stress factors.

-FIA approved
-Strategically placed stretch panels and gussets are non-binding and performance enhancing
-Standard cuffs
-Pre-Bent, Stretch Elbows allow for almost effortless movement of the arm, helping to reduce fatigue and stop the sleeve from migrating up your forearm.

-Stretch Body Panels reduce tension across the back, torso, waist, hips and thighs eliminating excess material and seams while

-Knee and Inner Thigh Stretch Panels reduce the stress caused by bending the knee allowing for unrestrictive movement of the legs.

-A Lower Back Stretch Panel relieves the pull down pressure on the shoulders caused by sitting.

- Inset pockets and a non-restrictive, fixed half belt
Län Örebro
Telefon 0707238800
Pris 3.000:-